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Jean Hénaff

Respect for animal and living things | Be good 2030

Published on September 8, 2022
Cannery Gonidec

Wine pairing with premium french canned seafood

Published on June 15, 2022
Cannery Gonidec

The reuse of extra virgin olive oil in canned sardines

Published on June 2, 2022

Category of traditional french charcuterie

Published on May 10, 2022
Jean Hénaff

Pioneers of a territory in the forefront | Be good 2030

Published on May 8, 2022
Jean Hénaff

Wine pairing with premium french terrines

Published on April 22, 2022
Jean Hénaff

How does Jean Hénaff put forward french local sourcing?

Published on April 8, 2022
Cannery GonidecNews

Why Gonidec products are the best french canned seafood to import?

Published on April 7, 2022