Why is there salt in canned seafood products?

Nowadays, more and more people take care for their diet and especially of food nutritional values. Canned seafood products allows to have several nutritional values such as protein, vitamin, Omega 3…

Solenn Heuzé
September 22, 2022

It is common to find salt in canned seafood products especially in canned seafood with sauce.  

But why do seafood canneries add salt in canned seafood products with extra virgin olive oil or in brine?

WHO recommends an intake of less than 5 g per day (the equivalent of approximately 1 teaspoon of salt per day) to avoid cardiovascular diseases.

Salt in canned seafood products with extra virgin olive oil or in brine

Salt in canned seafood products, a question of taste

Gonidec Cannery does add salt in only two recipes:

The adding of salt is due to the recipes, the sardines are literally in butter and Guérande sea salt. You can heat it in a pan to have a lovely golden butter sardines.

For the natural tuna, the french seafood cannery follows a traditional manufacturing process. The tuna flesh is cut by hand and then cooked in a brine (slightly salted water). It allows to the tuna to cook in its own “juice”.

Salt in canned seafood products isn’t just a question of taste

At Cannery Gonidec, salt is present on the ingredient list salt in canned seafood products for one and unique reason.

After the washing process, fishes have a brining process. It means that fishes are submerged in a liquid solution made with water and sea salt. This process is very important because the salt acts like a preservative so it slows bacterial growth and reproduction.

In conclusion, Gonidec Cannery must add salt is writing in its ingredient list because salt is part of the transformation so the ending products contains salt.

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