Wine pairing with premium french canned seafood

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Solenn Heuzé
June 15, 2022

Food and wine pairing is essential to enhance the food and beverage’s flavors. But from my point of view, it is always complicated to find the best wine pairing for each food or canned seafood.

That is why, here we will find some wine pairing with premium french canned seafood

Wine pairing with premium french canned seafood

Here our top wine pairing with premium french canned seafood

1. Best wine pairing with sardines

Sardines have a firm flesh and depending of the used oil and ingredients, you can discover lot of wine and seafood pairing. To paire sardines with wine, we advise you to choose a lively and acidic wine.

On one hand, with the sardines in extra virgin olive oil, you can pair with an edge white wine such as Muscadet Sèvre et Maine. On another hand, you can pair sardines in extra virgin oil, basil and thyme a light wine such as a Bourgogne.

2. Best wine pairing with mackerel fillets

Mackerel has a pronounced fish taste recognizable among all fishes. We advise you to choose a mineral and incisive wine such as the white wine of the Loire, Vendée fiefs.

The traditional mackerel with white wine is already accompanied a tasty marinade prepared with lemon, onions, carrots, pickles and hot chili pepper. So you can pair it with a finely aromatic Sancerre wine.

3. Best wine pairing with anchovies

Anchovies have a intense and tasty flavor so you will need to pair it with great intensity and acidity wine. We advise you to pair the anchovies with white wine from Roussilon or spanish wine such as Jerez or Manzanilla. It is also possible to pair anchovies with light-coloured wine such as Muscadet: le Quincy or Bergerac.

Our advise for non-amateur of white wine

Rosé wine will be the perfect ally for fan of seafood that aren’t amateur of white wine. Indeed, the rosé wine, such as coteaux-varois or côtes-du-ventoux, accommodates perfectly with marine flavors and canned seafood (with or without sauce). And last but not least, rosé wine is affordable and allows to limited budget to pair easily canned seafood.

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