BtoB export alliance, the gourmet link between land and sea.

Boutique de France is the export alliance of two French companies – Conserverie Gonidec and Jean Hénaff – dedicated to Gourmet importers.

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Our products portfolio

Boutique de France offers two categories of top-quality products, which bonify over time, like good wine, in order to release all their flavours. Our products could be cooked in different manners: amuses-bouches, salads, dishes…

Our approach


Boutique de France is the natural export alliance of two French companies – Conserverie Gonidec and Jean Hénaff – dedicated to Gourmet importers. This partnership started four years ago in the USA with internals and is now symbolized by Boutique de France.

This collaboration highlights the values of both companies’ ethical and social commitments. Indeed, they have the same vision in the development of healthy products, elaborated from quality raw materials, rigorously selected and prioritize short supply chain. At Boutique de France, our team is dedicated to provide premium products that are tasty and healthy. Furthermore, we highlight strong commitments and find solutions to develop markets worldwide.

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Conserverie Gonidec’s strengths

From preparing the fishes to putting them in boxes, every step of the canning process is handmade and in the respect of our traditions and know-how. Our seafood products are prepared over the seasons in the respect of the fish, preserving the availability of marine bio-resources and opting for fishing techniques that respect the seas. Furthermore, the majority of our seafood products, made from wild fish, are certified by Organic Farming because they contain organic ingredients. Some of our products have also the FDA approval that allows us to offer few categories of products on the US market.

Conserverie Gonidec, seafood company,  preserves the good taste of the ingredients, organic for the most part, without coloring, preservatives or sweeteners, because a healthy and authentic recipe is a source of health, pleasure and delicacy. At the cannery, sustainable development is at the heart of our preoccupations. We are loyal to our ethic and social responsibilities, such as looking after the well-being of our employees, getting our supplies from local fishermen and maintain our traditional way to transform fishes.

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Jean Hénaff’s strengths

From its slaughterhouse to its shipping department, JEAN HÉNAFF is dedicated to respect the traceability and to support short supply-chain. Our high-end meat products are IFS certified and our production site is the only USDA certified in France for canned food. Our quality products are the results of strong commitments.

Be good 2030, our stainability programme, is based on 5 pillars that have their own KPI and targets. In total, 14 priority commitments, 36 objectives and 72 measurable targets will be aimed at to ensure their successful implementation and a positive impact in 2030.  Besides our quality insurance culture allows us to export our products in the USA and to manufacture dishes for the International Space Station with the expertise of the starred chef Alain DUCASSE for the CNES (Centre national d’études spatiales) and Thierry MARX for ESA (European Space Agency). So far we are exporting in more than 30 countries.

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