How does Jean Hénaff put forward french local sourcing?

This articles aims to highlight one local dynamics made by the group Jean Hénaff, local sourcing (including packaging).

Solenn Heuzé
April 8, 2022

The group Jean Hénaff wants to be a driving force and a key player in developing local dynamics on its territory. The french group participates in making Brittany stronger faced with the challenges of the future thanks to targeted actions:

  • opting for proximity sourcing, investing in the innovation services, actively supporting its regional culture

Highlighting local resources

Promoting local products (including packaging)

Local sourcing perfectly matches with the history and values of the group. In 1907, Jean Hénaff created the company to make his territory flourishing while transforming locally-produced vegetables.
Today, Jean Hénaff still trust in its local know-how as 80% of its purchases are made in Brittany, France.

In 1994, Jean Hénaff became member of the Produit en Bretagne network. Sharing common values, willing to galvanize and to be a standard-bearer of the Breton economy: for all these principles, we wanted to become a member since the very beginning.

Since 2016, Loic Hénaff has been the President of the Produit en Bretagne association. Joining the network is a way to share know-how and highlight Brittany-made products. This reflection on defending local purchases is concretely applied through a partnership with a third of the network’s member companies.

Consuming locally also makes it possible to integrate and limit as much as possible the risks linked to crises, as experienced in March 2020 with the Covid-19 crisis. With the aim of always improving, Jean Hénaff wishes to integrate the notion of responsible commitment in selecting its suppliers. At present, the selection of suppliers is based on quality, location and traceability of the meat.

One of Jean Hénaff products is a significant symbol of the local sourcing, the Hénaff Pork Pâté:

  • The fresh meat is sourced from pigs raised exclusively at livestock farms neighboring ( < 150 km/ <93 miles) from the food processing plant in Pouldreuzic, south Finistère.
  • The metal cans are produced in Douarnenez ( < 18 km / < 12 miles from the food processing plant).

2019 was the centenary year of the business relationship between the Jean Hénaff company and the Franpac one (Massilly Group).

The producer of Jean Hénaff metal cans since 1919 is located in Douarnenez, 17 km from its company. Their relationship is based on sustainability and responsibility as Jean Hénaff supplies in high-quality 100% recyclable steel cans.

  • The recipe contains Guérande sea salt

The Covid-19 crisis had a major impact on Jean Hénaff actions and on the way the french company planned to progress. The company didn’t communicate with its suppliers to invite them to get their supplies locally in 2020. Since its creation, the group is located in the heart of the Pays Bigouden. Jean Hénaff is committed to maintaining and developing its relationships with the local economic environment and believe in the virtues of proximity with its partners. By transforming raw materials from its region, the group enhance local production and contribute to maintaining and developing know-how.

The goals of the Be Good 2030 strategy :

  • 93% of purchases made to French suppliers

2020 result: Jean Hénaff : 91 % Kervern : 90 % – GlobeXplore : 90,7 %

  • 85% of purchases made to Breton suppliers

2020 result: Jean Hénaff : 80 % – Kervern : 50 % – GlobeXplore: 27,1 %

  • Setting up the most partnerships with companies which are members of the Produit en Bretagne network

2020 result: 86 companies

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