What are the different type of canned sardines?

Here some explanations about the different canned sardines.

Solenn Heuzé
March 24, 2022

You can find various canned sardines depending of the type (boneless, skinless, whole) and the recipes.

Does the type of canned sardines is important?

The type of canned sardines

The canned whole sardines is perfect for a lunch or for canned sardines expert.

First of all, opening a can of whole sardines is pleasant for the eyes because the whole sardines is confite in the extra virgin olive oil or in sauce. At Cannery Gonidec, sardines are first fried and then, hand-prepared and -add it in cans. It allows to have delicate firm canned sardines.

Thanks to the hand preparation, Gonidec canned sardines have the AFNOR certification that put forward the traditional know-how.

Canned boneless sardines in extra virgin olive oil are hand prepared like the regular sardines. The boneless sardines keep their “original” form including the skin and have a different chew and texture than whole canned sardines.

It allows to keep the firm texture and nice opening of the whole sardines, without bones that can repel unaccustomed of canned sardines.

The skin remains on the fillets but it is so delicate and thin that it doesn’t “embarrassed” the tasting. 

We could compare it to our anchovies fillets, that are unfortunately not available for the US market.

In 2020, Gonidec Made In France sardines fillets have awarded “best canned sardines fillets” in the article The 52 Canned Goods (From Cockles to Corn) Chefs Keep in Their Pantries from the Strategist.

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