Why Gonidec products are the best french canned seafood to import?

Gonidec Cannery; producing tasty, healthy, local and sustainable seafood products.

Solenn Heuzé
April 7, 2022

Gonidec Cannery is a french familial french company created in 1959, since this date, the commitments of the company to produce high-end seafood products haven’t changed.

Here are some reasons why Gonidec products are the best french canned seafood to import

The top reasons why Gonidec products are the best french canned seafood to import?

Top reasons to explain why Gonidec products are the best french canned seafood to import

  1. Top quality ingredients

The french cannery selects rigorously ingredients; fishes, extra virgin olive oil, seasoning, etc.

The delivery of fishes are always controlled by the Quality department to check the top-quality (size, level of fat, etc.) and the company tries its best to supply itself with fresh fishes (depending of the fishing season and fishing area).

The firm also put forward :

  • Protected designation of origin ingredient with the sardines (organic version) and small sardines with Espelette pepper from the South of France.
  • Organic farming by offering several recipes with organic ingredients

2. A specific and delicate know-how to offer the best canned seafood to import

All the canned seafood products offered by Gonidec Cannery are rigorously produce in its one and only manufacturing plant based in Concarneau. This manufacturing plant hides a delicate traditional know-how and traditional manufacturing process.

  • A traditionnal know-how for the best french canned seafood to import

All the fishes are hand-prepared from sardines to tuna.

Sardines and anchovies follow a specific manufacturing process:

  • gutting & scaling, cleaning, drying, frying & draining, canning, crimping, sterilizing

The mackerel and tuna have their own production processes:

Mackerel => roasting & cooking, trimming, canning, crimping and sterilizing

Tuna => cutting, peeling, cooking, hand-trimming, cutting, canning, crimping and sterilizing

Discover more about the white tuna (so called “albacore tuna”) process:

3. Significant commitments such as local sourcing and sustainable fishing

Gonidec Cannery is located at Concarneau, in the South FinistĂšre and is close to the biggest maritime port for tuna in Europe. The proximity allows to the company to supply itself with local sourcing, the french company collaborates works with eight regular and steady local fishermen for years. Discover the interview of Patrice PĂ©tillon, in charge of a purse seine boat named War Roag IV, in Concarneau, whose father was used to work with Mr Jacques Gonidec‘s father.

So sardines, anchovies and white tuna (under quota) come from local sourcing.

The french cannery also goes beyond by supply itself with 100% fishes from sustainable fishing for all the fish categories; sardines, anchovies, mackerel, white – yellowfin and skipjack tuna.

4. Traceability

The traceability is part of it significant values, that is why every canned seafood from the Cannery Gonidec has printed the name of the fishing vessel, fishing area  and the BBE on the bottom.

For example, this sardines in extra virgin olive oil has been hand-prepared with sardines fished on the Breton coast by the fishing vessel War Raog IV.

The traceability of Cannery Gonidec also goes beyond than the cans printing. The Gonidec quality department must provide specific documents for canned tuna certified FDA exported in the USA; certificate of origin and captain statement.

This traceability documents aims to confirm the origin of the tropical tuna (yellowfin and skipjack) and to prove that no dolphin has been captured or endangered during the fishing.

5. Coast of arms of the French & Breton culture to offer the best french canned seafood to import

Gonidec products are coast of arms of the French culture by offering tasty recipes made with French ingredients such as Sardines in Extra virgin olive with Espellette pepper organic.

The Breton culture is at the center of Gonidec strategy for many reasons:

  • The brand

“Mouettes d’Arvor” means “Seagull from the sea” , which is a significant reference to the Breton coast.

  • The cans packaging

The black and white stripe represent the Breton flag named Gwenn ha Du (meaning black and white in Breton). There is also the presence of the logo of “Produit en Bretagne” (Made In Brittany).

Discover more about Gonidec can design.

  • The local support

The cannery collaborates each year with local painters to offer each years limited vintage and collector canned sardines.

The company also goes beyond the local sourcing by also supporting local service providers such as printers, IT supplier, etc.

Gonidec products are the best french canned seafood to import because the french company produces tasty, healthy, local and sustainable products. Its commitments goes beyond its products by supporting the local economy.

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