French water management

Water is a rare and precious resource. Every effort has to be made not to waste it.

Solenn Heuzé
October 27, 2021

Water is a rare and precious resource. Every effort has to be made not to waste it.

As of 1958, Hénaff pioneered environmental initiatives by setting up a wastewater treatment system; in 2008, Jean Hénaff commissioned the construction of a wastewater treatment plant and an organic wastewater spreading system.

Jean Hénaff’s french water management since the 50s

Water management is significant for Jean Hénaff  since its very creation in 1907. From collection to discharge, the company takes great care to safeguard water resources throughout the entire water cycle. This explains the original decision to establish the plant next to a river, along with the construction of its own water tower during the 1950s.

What’s the water lifecycle at Jean hénaff? | French water management

This strong environmental concern also applies upstream when water is pumping from our own wells and boreholes. Then, it treats with activated carbon before being used in our workshops.

The water is stored in our own water tank and allows us to be autonomous.

Our concern supplies also downstream with the discharge of waters into the natural environment:

  • In Summer, we supply local farmers to spread on fields, it allows to create a virtuous circular economy.
  • From October to May, the water returns in the stream called “Virgule”.

The environment is at the heart of the process, and farmers also reap the benefits through a virtuous circular economy.

Is this french water management testing?

Our team controls the treatment of the wastewater through water withdrawal and tests.

Monitoring and testing are also carried out by the DDPP (Departmental Directorate for the Protection of Populations) in order to ensure complete transparency.

We also carry out a quality follow-up by a third company, which makes it possible to ensure that no harm is done to the health of living beings, nor to the environment.

In 2007, the Loire-Brittany water board awarded Jean Hénaff this distinction, in the category “Water Management in the Industrial Sector”. The fruit of a long-standing commitment to environmental respect, implemented in particular by a sensible and responsible use of water

Thanks to ongoing reflections on good water-related practices, consumption is at its lowest since 2014 with a single slight increase of 0.021% in 2020 compared to 2021.

Today, water management plays a significant role in our CSR policy and is categorize in 3 mains areas:

  • Jean Hénaff production are organized to optimism the cleaning process
  • Cleaning tools become more and more efficient
  • Employees are aware and concerned about water economy

The drinkability test has revealed that the water from our water tower has an excellent quality of the water. Furthermore, the pesticide and nitrate readings are well below the French drinkability threshold. The French regulations requires that drinikable water has at maximum 50 mg of nitrate par liter and 500 μg of pesticide per liter.

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