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Because tomorrow our food habits will be different from the ones we currently have, Jean Hénaff research are based on finding innovative ingredients and new feeding ways.

Solenn Heuzé
February 22, 2022

Jean Hénaff takes up current nutrition challenges thanks to a high level of quality and an exemplary food safety, and to the continuous research for having tasty products with a nutritional balance.

Offering healthy and french gourmet products thanks to quality raw material

Maintaining operational excellence

As in 2019, this year, Jean Hénaff has maintained all its objectives: its USDA certification in Pouldreuzic, its “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (French Living Heritage) certification label. In 2020, the french company has more than maintained its partnership with the CNES as it signed an agreement together in February.

Jean Hénaff operational excellence is recognized and valued through certifications, partnerships and unique or prestigious certification labels. With a strong expertise since 1907, Jean Hénaff’s know-how in crimping and sealing is recognized by all. Guaranteeing quality raw material and the safety of products requires precision work. To ensure this, the techniques and skills are regularly subjected to annual audits and controls.

In 2016, the French Ministry of Economy and Finance awarded the french company with the certification label Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant to reward the excellence of craft and industrial knowhow. Since 1994, the Hénaff pork pâté has also been registered on the Inventory of French Culinary Heritage.

Developing “clean label” recipes and continue using quality raw material

Jean Hénaff has always formulated its recipes as simply as possible. This principle is rooted in its nature.

The french company achieves this using quality raw materials, combined with tasty spices and seasonings and thanks to specific know-how on production processes. Jean Hénaff flagship product, the Hénaff pork Pâté, is a good example of this. It contains pork, salt, spices and that’s all!

Jean Hénaff followed this same principle when it created the Hénaff fresh sausages in 1995. Yet, with a fresh product, the challenge was great.

After 10 years of research and development, Jean Hénaff finally raised its goal. Hénaff fresh sausages are unique and only contain 3 ingredients: pork, salt and pepper. An uncompromising recipe, which shows its high standards for natural ingredients and transparency in its recipes.

Let’s do not confuse a «clean» product with «nutritionally balanced food». Jean Hénaff products are relatively fatty, which is inherent to french gourmet products such as delicatessen meats. The company is attached to the values of culinary pleasure and wish to continue offering french gourmet products, to be eaten in reasonable quantities.

In addition to the pleasure of tasting, Jean Hénaff is sensitive to the composition and nutritional qualities of its french gourmet products. At Jean Hénaff, we consider that one of its basic missions is to feed its consumers well. Hénaff french gourmet products are made up of simple ingredients, that everyone know.

The Hénaff pork pâté and fresh products have very specific nutritional profiles as they are made from all the meat of the pig, and in particular the noble cuts (fillets, hams). They are therefore high-protein meats.

The french company is committed to a Nutrition-Health axis to continue offering french healthy products with :

  • Recipes favor noble cuts (pork fillets and roasts, fish loins and fillets, peppercorns received whole and crushed before being incorporated into its recipes) and as raw as possible
  • Optimizing the nutritional quality of raw materials and ingredients whenever possible: Bleu Blanc Coeur meat, muscles vs. fatty cuts to limit saturated fats (bad fats), and more generally quality raw materials to avoid additives
  • Using the right amount of salt
  • High-energy and high-protein ingredients
  • Ingredient lists as short and simple as possible
  • As few additives as possible, the company continue to increase the proportion of additive-free products and avoid the use of nitrites in its delicatessen meat products

Discover all the commitments and actions of Jean Hénaff in its CSR report.

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