Why canned sardines are a success for catering?

Discover why canned seafood are the best ally for catering

Solenn Heuzé
January 25, 2023

For years, the canned sardines is a symbol of a friendly and pleasant moment that is characterized by tasting and pleasure time with relatives. Didier Le Tellec has immediately understood that when he has opened his wine and tapas bar on the Concarneau port.

Here his interview about the success of canned sardines in catering.

Are canned sardines a success for catering?

When you’ve launched your bar, did you offered at the begin canned sardines?

“At the begin, two things were obvious;

First, it was necessary to kept the bar as it was with its authentic character.

Secondly, I had to offer local products to my customers: Brittany hides lot of tasty food products”

Why have you choose Gonidec canned seafood?

“At Concarneau, Gonidec Cannery is an institution, a guarantee of an incomparable taste and a significant success story. And the cannery is near the bar so we are local sourcing. “

Have you a special link with the brand?

“Gonidec Cannery is for me more than a brand. It is also a familial company for years.

A Concarneau, everyone know Jacques and Valérie Gonidec because they are emblematic, enthusiastic and friendly. They have a special energy, a heartfelt sympathy and are committed to their cannery. They have kept the soul of the company while continuing its development.

Thanks to them, Concarneau is widespread beyond the French borders through the canned seafood”.

Is canned sardines a success for catering?

“Absolutely! The small sardines in EVOO with Espelette Pepper are an emblematic product in the wine bar. It is in the top ranking of many customers.

Small sardines are easy to offer, it is only needs three ingredients :

  • bread, butter and a glass of wine ! “

Solenn Heuzé

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