French Limited Vintage Sardines Can Saison 2023

Format 115g
Brand Les Mouettes d'Arvor
Range Worldwide
Reference produit SSAI23
Code EAN /
HS Code 16 04 13 11 20

Product description

Our French Limited Vintage Sardines Can Saison 2021 are gourmet conservas that are prepared with the first fresh sardines fished during the fishing saison 2021. This top french conservas are made with sardines that follow a very strict supply charter.

Our tips: we advise you to be patient and wait 6-8 years before eating your tasty sardines in extra virgin olive oil. Sardines are getting better with the time like a good french wine. Furthermore our lovely limited cans are real pieces of art!

Our French limited vintage sardines follows a strict charter to offer to your customers the best french premium sardines in beautiful and limited cans.

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